About Us

Our History

We farm on the original Johnson homestead that was settled in 1906. Our son Wyatt is the 5th generation on this farm. Our land base is around 2500 acres of grain, pasture, and hay, plus we use the community pasture in CFB Wainright. Around 2007 Wyatt decided to take his 4-H money and purchase some Simmental cows and heifers. Bernice and I decided to jump on board and purchase some as well, thus the creation of WJ Simmentals.

The foundation of our herd came from XXX Farms, Campbell Simmentals, Siam Farms, and Grinalta Farms. Our Charolais herd also started with bred heifers from XXX Farms. Over the years we’ve had a small backgrounder program of around 300 head in the winter. In the spring we would buy heifers and sell them as breds in the fall, thus giving us lots of experience with many different aspects of the cattle industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise functional cattle that are what the industry is demanding. The cattle industry is constantly changing and we feel it is very important to try and provide a product that will fit those needs.

Our Cows

Our cows are ranch raised. We utilize stubble grazing in the fall and then swath or bale graze right up until calving time. We breed our cows and heifers in a tight window and cull the opens. We feel this keeps the fertility at a very high level. We keep our herd on a very balanced diet with proper vaccinations and minerals. Our bulls are feed to last buy feeding with a TMR silage/ barley-starch free pellet ration.

Our Customers

Our customers demand Polled bulls and as a result we have one of the largest selection of polled fullblood bulls to sell each year.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our customer with Polled easy calving bulls that still have good performance and last. We sell our bulls in March at Provost Alberta in the Built Right Bull Sale.